Recently, I had the privilege of writing and recording the musical score for the book trailer of my wife, Jen Teachenor's, debut novel "Beautiful Life."  Filmed by Monster Pictures. It's amazing, and I'm so excited for her! Find out more at


Really. Don't miss out.

Jamie's hit sophomore release,
"Waiting Room -EP." 
Intimate, artistic and amazing. 
Download it now by clicking the image below.

Jamie's most personal album ever.

This Amazon Best Selling Album includes the singles, "Love Somebody," "I'm Not Over You," and "Waiting In The Wings."

The record that got it all started; Jamie's ground-breaking debut album, "The Departure."  
Download it by clicking the image below and scrolling down the page.

Includes the Amazon Best Selling songs, "I Never Know," "Free Birds Have Cages," "I Don't Wanna Think About That," "Coming Down," and Jamie's International radio debut, "Burning."

"Lo-Fidelity," the debut album of Jamie's newest project, Lo-Fi, is now available!!! 
Download it now by clicking the image below.

Amazon Best Selling Album. Includes the International hit single, "Vintage Heart" (feat. Vince Gill), and the follow-up single, "When You're Over Me".


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